See what our supporters started in honor of our nation's heroes and their families!

Here's an interview with founder David Kim and Car Clinic's Bobby Likis.

100% of donations go to the children!

You can also post your Drop and Give Me 10 videos directly to our social channels! We'd love to see them!


Take the Challenge!
The #DropAndGiveMe10 Challenge is where people do push-ups in honor of our fallen patriots and donate some amount ($2/$5/$10/etc) to Children of Fallen Patriots Foundation for every push-up they successfully do...and then challenge 3 others to do the same.


Film Your Video!
Film your Drop And Give Me 10 video, mentioning Fallen Patriots and doing as many push-ups as you can! Don't forget to challenge 3 others to do the same in your video.


Post Your Video!
Post your Drop And Give Me 10 video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Tag #DropAndGiveMe10 Challenge as well as the people you are challenging. Make sure your video is set to public, so we can find it! 


Make Your Donation!
Complete the challenge by clicking the donate button and donating your dollar amount per push up completed!

100% of donations go to the children!

Leslie P. $100

Marie H. $20

Corporate Donation $1220

Nicholas M. $20

David M. $10

Corporate Donation $70

Corporate Donation $25

Corporate Donation $50

Corporate Donation $200

Joanne D. $40

Corporate Donation $50

Ben S. $20

Corporate Donation $200

Greg J. $20

Louis G. $100

Meredith V. $1,000

Jacob C. $30

Katherine S. $50

Rafael G. $5

Caleigh L. $20

Rumi D. $10

Janet P. $50

Willard B. $250

Elizabeth O. $200

Brent M. $10

John K. $3

Craig F. $30

Corporate Donation $80

Burton S. $10

Judith S. $20

Corporate Donation $10

Corporate Donation $10

Jordan S. $50

Kathie Lee G. $1,000

Corporate Donation $100

Eric G. $20

Joseph P. $50

Raul C. $5

Michael S. $20

Corporate Donation $15

Matthew R. $20

Martelle S. $10

Carmen V. $30

Ronald C. $200

Matthew A. $100

Rahul S. $120

Stacey H. $50

Robert G. $20

Annie K. $20

Ashok K. $100

Daniel D. $50

David M. $10

Robert H. $10

Steven M. $100

Josh P. $20

Patricia S. $99

Seth K. $200

Arleen K. $20

Savannah C. $25

Clint G. $100

Peter E. $100

Kathleen P. $10

Lexie H. $15

Christina M. $50

Cordell B. $200

Windsor B. $50

Frederick B. $20

Alfred D. $25

Nicholas D. $100

Zack S. $50

Cody W. $20

Anna Maria H. $20

Gregory B. $20

Ashley S. $20

Ryan S. $20

John C. $2.99

Cynthia K. $70